How to Use Hemp Oil to Your Hair

Hemp seed oil for hair is regularly on hand in shampoo form, however there are additionally different kinds of merchandise that comprise the equal ingredient such as conditioner, moisturizer, oil, etc.

If you choose to use oil for daily hair treatment, it is likely fantastic to use the shampoo form.

You can follow it to your hair in the equal way as the use of any shampoo product. For optimal results, you have to mix hemp oil shampoo with hair conditioner containing the identical necessary oil. A step-by-step information is supplied below:

1. Applying the shampoo

Wet your hair with both bloodless or heat water. Pour a large quantity of hemp oil shampoo to a palm then rub down it into scalp and hair. Keep massaging till you see lather. Rinse the hair and scalp completely.

2. Use the conditioner

For higher results, you will additionally want to use hemp oil conditioner. Directly rub down your scalp and hair with the conditioner and depart it for some minutes. It is necessary that you rinse your hair fully till the complete residue of conditioner is gone. Next, use a towel to dry your hair.

3. Leave-in conditioner

After the usage of a towel to dry your hair, you might also locate that some components of your hair are tangled. You can use a leave-in conditioner to as soon as once more rubdown the scalp whilst you are making an attempt to untangle them. This product will additionally preserve moisture condition.

Don’t rinse your hair afterward, however you need to genuinely dry it with a blow-dryer. Leave-in conditioner in certainly supposed to remain in the scalp and hair.

4. Use hemp oil gel

For best result, you want to use hemp oil gel or spray to organize or fashion your hair. It is advocated that you use pure hemp oil gel because it will no longer injury or carry horrific aspect outcomes to the ordinary fitness of hair

How to Make Hemp Oil at Your Home

Since a long time ago, hemp oil has been used for various purposes including beauty and health.

This oil is produced through a traditional manufacturing process requiring only some simple steps without involving sophisticated machines or tools. You can also produce hemp seed oil at home by following the instructions below.

1. Dry the hemp

Once you acquire the hemp, immediately place it in an outdoor area where the plants can absorb direct sunlight. It is important that the materials are completely dry before you can begin processing them. Water and other forms of liquid materials may alter the extraction results.

2. Use isopropyl alcohol solvent

Place the dry hemp in a bucket then you can pour isopropyl alcohol solvent in it. Isopropyl alcohol solvent is commonly known as rubbing alcohol. You can purchase it from almost any local pharmacy. Next, grind the material in the bucket by using a stick or any possible tool that is free from chemicals.

3. Pour more solvent

As soon as the hemp leaves are completely crushed, you should pour more solvent until it covers the materials completely. Use the stick to mix everything in the bucket for approximately 3 minutes.

4. Drain the solvent

The next step is to drain the solvent into another empty bucket then pour fresh solvent to the materials again. The fresh solvent must cover the materials and you need to stir them again for 3 minutes.

5. Second drainage

Drain the solvent again. This time you do not need to use an empty bucket. Simply mix it with the previously drained liquid.

6. Screen the liquid

Now you can remove the remaining materials from the bucket and concentrate on processing the drained liquid. This liquid is basically a mixture of solvent and oil, which needs further processing in order to separate the mixed substances. Pour the liquid into a clean container but you need to run it through a coffee filter.

7. Boil the mixture

Pour the solvent-oil mixture into an electric rice-cooker until it reaches 3/4 way to full volume. Turn on the rice-cooker and wait until the solvent boils off. As the temperature increases, the solvent will vaporize and the volume of the liquid decreases. It is also important that you keep the rice-cooker open to allow the vaporized solvent to go.

8. Add more mixture

Your rice cooker may not be able to store the drained mixture at a time, so you need to repeat the previous step. Simply add more mixture without turning off the rice cooker. As mentioned earlier, when the solvent vaporizes, the rice-cooker will provide more spaces, so you can add more mixture.

9. Add water

As the volume decreases once again, add a teaspoon of water. The boiling point of water is much higher than that of the solvent used. Once the mixture is completely boiled, you can be sure that nearly all solvent materials are as well released.

10. Protect the oil from heat

As the mixture boils, immediately pick up the rice-cooker and swill the liquid around. The main purpose is to help to release the remaining alcohol and protect the oil from excessive heat. By now, the mixture should be free from alcohol. Pour the remaining liquid into a small metal container then you can turn the rice-cooker off now.

11. Further heating

The liquid in a metal container will produce bubbles. These bubbles are resulted from substances other than hemp oil. You need to place it on a coffee warmer for few hours until it is not bubbling anymore.Before the hemp oil is ready to use, you must allow it to cool down. You can store it in a bottle for future use. Please remember that you must perform the entire extraction steps in a well-ventilated room or area. The oil is highly flammable, so you will want to avoid smoking, red hot elements, or fire sparks from any source.

5 Recommended Online Stores to Buy Hemp Oil

The Internet is like a huge market where you can find almost everything commercially available.

All commodities are provided and you can purchase them without even having to leave your home. The same thing goes to hemp oil, which is a famous essential oil extracted from hemp plants.

Where to buy hemp oil? If the question in your mind, here are five recommended online stores you can visit to buy the oil.


The most usual destination for anyone who needs to buy anything is Amazon. Many types of products containing hemp oil are listed under numerous categories. You can easily find pure and organic forms of hemp oil. Beauty products containing the essential oil are as well available such as shampoo, body lotion, moisturizer, and more.

Hemp oil (also known as hemp seed oil) is indeed used for various purposes, so you can find it listed under many different departments on Amazon including Beauty, Health & Personal Care, Baby, Home & Kitchen, etc.


Vitaminshoppe specifically provides beauty, health, and nutritional products in both online stores and offline retailers. Many forms of hemp products are available from this shop including oil, powder, and even raw seeds. You can categorize or sort the available products based on price, brands, forms, etc.

There is a Store Locator feature with which you can find offline retailers directly from the website. The stores are spread across United States of America in nearly all states. This online store also provides articles about hemp seed for no additional cost.


Nutiva mainly sells coconut, chia products, and hemp (some available types of hemp products include hemp seed, oil, protein, and shake). This online store receives USDA organic certification meaning they only sell certified-organic products. Without pesticides and herbicides, hemp seed should deliver the best possible benefits for any given purpose.

All in all, Nutiva is one of the best places to find hemp oil products. The site also offers free shipping and discounts for certain orders.


If you intend to purchase a large quantity of hemp oil, Alibaba is always a good place to go. The website serves nearly all regions in America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. You can even purchase a drum of hemp oil from Alibaba if you want to. Sorting products based on price, types, or packaging is possible.

Alibaba also provides list of hemp oil suppliers from many countries across the globe. You can search from that list to find the most preferable suppliers and contact them before placing orders.


Livingharvest sells hemp products only. A wide variety of health products that mainly contain hemp is available, such as hemp oil, hemp protein powder, hemp milk, and even ice cream. The website also keeps a large quantity of recipes that you can read for free.

You should know that the website only provides lists of products. Anytime you need to make a purchase, you will be redirected to the list of stores that sell the particular product.

Hemp oil is indeed a very popular substance that contains vitamins, essential fatty acids, and useful protein. The natural oil can be found available in online stores and offline retailers. It does contain plenty of nutrients for health and beauty (such as for hair treatment), but the price of almost any type is still relatively affordable.

Disadvantages of Hemp Oil

Almost all hemp oil products in the market offer you advantages for cosmetic and cooking purpose. This vegetable oil indeed does plenty of good things, but you need to be aware of its limitations also. One of its weakest points is that hemp oil is extracted from Cannabis plant that contains THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). This substance can be considered addictive. Other disadvantages of hemp oil are as follows.

1. Short Shelf Life

When stored improperly, hemp oil quickly deteriorated into a useless liquid. All essential oils naturally need to be properly stored, but hemp oil is one of the worst types among other similar vegetable oils. All essential oils containing essential fatty acids have short lives, especially when extracted without using solvent. However, you need to be more careful with hemp. Exposures to light and oxygen may also cause the hemp oil to go rancid easily.

Hemp oil has to be stored in dark location and sealed tightly to prevent oxygen from penetrating the container or bottle. Unrefined hemp oil should be frozen or refrigerated as well.

2. Strong Taste

Hemp oil commonly has strong nutty flavor, but it actually depends of the manufacturing processes. Products from different brands have different taste and smell as well. Physically, this oil has deep green color simply because of its high concentration of chlorophyll. When used as an ingredient for foods, hemp oil delivers its distinguishable taste and smell to the foods.

To accommodate the smell, some products also use fragrance in the mixture especially for cosmetic purpose. You should be very careful with other chemicals mixed with the oil. Read the labels and list of ingredients to avoid allergic reactions.

3. Cannot be used for Frying

Every vegetable oil has a boiling point. If processed over its boiling point, the chemical structure will be altered and the oil becomes generally useless. You can use hemp oil for almost all types of foods, but you cannot use it for frying. The boiling point of hemp oil is approximately 212-degree Fahrenheit. When processed in higher temperature, its polyunsaturated fatty acids transform into peroxides.

Under lower temperature exposure, the oil will be less destroyed. In other words, you can acquire the benefits of hemp oil by slow cooking which commonly uses very low temperature.


Hemp oil offers plenty of advantages, but it also has limitations. Every product containing this vegetable oil should attach directions of use and ingredients, so consumers can get the best benefits of it. Since it also has short life, you need to store it properly by protecting it from exposures to light and oxygen.

Hemp Oil Product Reviews

Hemp oil is useful for cooking and cosmetic purpose as well.

It is mainly used as an ingredient for skin and hair formula, although certain products contain only hemp oil without additional substances. Ready-to-use formulations in many different forms are commercially available such as conditioner, moisturizer, hair styling, cooking ingredients, and more.

1. Nutiva Organic Hemp Oil (24-ounce)

Nutiva is a well-know manufacturer of health foods extracted from hemp, coconut, and more. All products are USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) organic certified including the Nutiva Organic Hemp (24-ounce). It is intended for cooking and it does not contain GMO, soy, gluten, hexane, and dairy. In fact, this product contains only 100% raw organic hemp oil.

The packaging or bottle is nitrogen flushed ensuring the optimum nutritional values of the hemp oil contained. It brings nutty flavor to foods and useful substances such as Omega-3 fatty acid and GLA.

2. 8-Oz Hemp Seed Oil Organic Pure

Unlike Nutiva Organic hemp that is used for cooking, the 8 Oz Hemp Seed Oil Organic Pure is cosmetic grade. You can apply this oil directly to skin or use it as an ingredient for beauty treatment formula. Hemp oil can easily penetrate into the skin instead of creating thick layers. The oil naturally possesses nutty smell and green color. Hemp oil can be very useful for healing wounds or promoting skin regeneration and preventing signs of skin aging. At the same time, its fatty acids help to moisture the skin, too.

3. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Oil Soft Gels

This is not pure hemp oil. It means the product contains a mixture of ingredients including chemical substances. The good thing is that the product is a non-GMO (genetically modified organism). Besides hemp oil, it also contains glycerin, water, and gelatin. The seed is indeed acquired from plants that are grown without pesticides and herbicides, but this final product is still not pure because other substances are mixed.

4. HEMP Volumizing Shampoo (13.5 oz)

As the product name says, this hemp oil product is intended for cosmetic use especially hair treatment. HEMP Volumizing Shampoo is a combination of hemp seed extract and soy protein. It can be used for daily treatment and for color-treated hair as well. This shampoo helps to add volume and repair hair damage.

5. Alterna Hemp Organics Hair Concrete

This product is actually discontinued by the manufacturer, but you can still purchase it from certain stores. It is a clay-based wax and useful for hair styling purpose. It contains a combination of ingredients including hemp seed, corn starch, water, silica, stearic acid, and more.

6. Hempz Pomegranate Herbal Body Moisturizer

It contains organic hemp seed, antioxidants, vitamins, and pomegranate extracts. Other ingredients include Shea butter and ginseng. It is a moisturizer which will commonly hydrate dry skin, but it also has anti-aging properties to postpone the appearances of wrinkles and fine lines.


There are numerous products to choose from, but you should pay attention to the labels attached on the bottles and read the ingredients. Some products also use chemical substances which may trigger allergic reactions such as gelatin and soy. Also, read the included directions of use for the best possible results.

Hemp Oil for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It

Benefits of Hemp Oil on Hair

As the title suggests, hemp oil is the extraction end result of hemp seeds. The oil frequently includes imperative fatty acids, vitamins, and protein. It provides lots of advantages particularly for pores and skin and hair. Hemp oil for hair is handy as a conditioning agent, shampoo, or truly as its unique oil form.

1. Hair Conditioner

Hemp oil has many residences to make a proper conditioner for hair and scalp. The most integral property is that the oil provides emollient action. The fundamental feature of emollient is to hold a properly quantity of water on the skin. As it prevents water loss, hemp oil additionally softens your scalp.

A mixture of diet E and imperative fatty acids contained in hemp oil gives entire vitamins to preserve the exact stipulations of your scalp and hair.

2. Hair Moisturizer

hemp oil imageWhen a substance performs properly in stopping water loss, it will as properly preserve moisture conditions. Hemp oil is capable to maintain water, so it as properly acts as a moisturizer for scalp and hair. It immediately works on the roots of your hair.

If you have troubles with dry scalp or hair, hemp oil can be a top solution. This critical oil is mainly precise when utilized for the duration of wintry weather due to the fact it can accommodate bloodless air outdoor and heat temperature interior perfectly.

3. Hair Growth Stimulator

The most beneficial fatty acids observed in hemp oil are omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9. They are polyunsaturated fatty acids that can stimulate desirable hair growth.

The use of hemp oil for hair can additionally remedy or fight dryness. You can even devour hemp oil at once or use it for salad dressings. According to Maryland University Medical Center, hemp oil is true now not solely for hair, however additionally for skin.

4. Strengthening the Hair

Your hair is primarily protein, so it wishes a desirable grant of the nutrient in order to preserve ordinary electricity and beauty. Other than integral fatty acids and diet E, hemp oil is 25% protein.

The protein repairs mobile injury and is capable to beef up the hair and has emollient homes that keep moisture condition. In different words, hemp oil can be viewed an all-in-one answer for hair health.